2015 CES Preview Jan. 2. 2015

Next week, FBIC will be attending the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This year, CES is expecting more than 150,000 attendees, tech enthusiasts, and journalists.

We expect the following themes to be prominent at the show:

  1. Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality—We’re tracking more than a dozen companies that make VR and AR wearable devices, head-mounted displays and even smartphone apps for gaming, 3D, music listening, immersive reality, and 3D design.
  2. Oculus Rift vs. Project Morpheus—An offshoot of virtual reality is the looming VR gaming showdown between Oculus Rift and Sony’s upcoming headset codenamed Project Morpheus.
  3. Consolidating Down to One Device—The arrival of the iPhone 6 Plus has finally allowed iPhone lovers to consolidate their work and personal connectivity within one device. iPhone/Blackberry/Android—who wins?
  4. Internet of Things (IoT)—Although we usually think of Internet-connected toasters when hearing IoT, the world of connected devices continues to expand to encompass apparel and automobiles. Driverless cars anyone?
  5. Wearables—The universe of wearable tech is expanding beyond fitness bands and smartwatches to include sensor-laden apparel, a huge variety of health and medical monitors, not to mention the enormous opportunities for wearables for industrial and safety applications.
  6. The Connected Home—It’s not just toasters that can be connected to the IoT, but also coffee makers, thermostats, nanny cams, and lightbulbs—virtually anything with an electrical connection can be controlled and monitored remotely or via your smartphone.
  7. Cybersecurity/Personal Data Security—Given recent successful hacking attacks, consumers are terrified about their personal information being compromised. Over 120 vendors are offering security products this year, and biometric identification is one of the hot areas.
  8. Digital Health—Wearable tech now sports a matrix of sensors and displays that can measure our important biological data and provide instant feedback that will keep us from reaching for that second Twinkie.
  9. Robotics—Robots are not only for science fiction anymore—these days, they pack packages for Amazon, vacuum our floors, serve us drinks, and offer room service in hotels.
  10. 3D Printing—3D printers are no longer science projects; rather, prices are coming down to the point where consumers can embrace a make-or-buy decision to customize common, everyday items.

And one more thing… What’s new in 4K TV? This holiday season saw 4K hitting the shelves with dramatically lower prices. TVs are getting more than just smart, and ultra-HD TVs could ultimately become an entertainment and information portal in our living rooms.