Fung Global Retail & Technology’s Deborah Weinswig to Keynote Retail Marketing Society Half-Day Conference, Thursday, June 9th

“Retail Technology’s Leading Lady” to discuss the changes in shopping and shoppers at “The Future of Retail: It Ain’t What It Used to Be”

NEW YORK (June 6, 2016) – The evolution of shopping and technology, and how retailers are adapting, will be the focus of “Retail Technology’s Leading Lady” Deborah Weinswig’s keynote speech at “The Future of Retail: It Ain’t What It Used to Be,” a half-day conference being held by the Retail Marketing Society in partnership with FIT Professional Studies on Thursday, June 9th.The event will be held at the Katie Murphy Ampitheatre at the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Building D, at 27th Street and Seventh Avenue in New York City.

Scheduled for 9:00 a.m., Weinswig’s talk will focus on the demographic and technological shifts that are disrupting traditional retail worldwide, shifts she’s seen over more than two decades as a globally renowned retail and technology analyst.

“Whether she – or he – is in Bangor, Maine, or Beijing, today’s shopper has never been more empowered. A couple of mouse clicks or taps on a smartphone can bring literally almost any product to your door within days or even hours,” Weinswig says. “Retailers worldwide are being compelled to reinvent themselves in terms of presentation, marketing and strategy to create environments that will work with technology to create a new shopping experience. I’m delighted to share the best of what I’ve seen from my travels around the world, and to hear the observations of the conference’s other speakers.”

Weinswig’s speech will be followed by panel discussions of “Mall Stores,” “Traditional Marketing,” and “Customer Experience,” with speakers and moderators including Ken Nisch, chairman of JGA; Jan Rogers Kniffen, J Rogers Kniffen Worldwide Enterprises; Karen Tillson, Vice President of Customer Insights & Strategy, Bloomingdale’s; and Jared Schiffman, Founder and CEO of Perch Interactive.

An advocate for innovation, creativity and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, Weinswig joined Fung Global Retail & Technology (formerly FBIC Group) in 2014 to offer her unique viewpoints on the disruptive technology trends and innovations that are reshaping the global retail industry. Recent reports issued by Fung Global Retail & Technology include: “The Silver Wave: Understanding the Aging Consumer,” “Global Pet E-Commerce,” “The Internet of Things and the Apparel Industry,” “Dubai 101,” “US Furniture Market Report,” “Holiday 2015 Takeaways,” “Online Consignment Market,” and “Global Retail Loyalty Programs Report.” Fung Global Retail & Technology’s reports and analyses can be found at and

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About Retail Marketing Society
Over the years, the common interests and mutual problems of retail research executives clearly demonstrated the need for an open forum where subjects of concern could be discussed. Thus, the Retail Research Society was founded in 1965 as an independent professional organization for the purpose of discussing current research studies, research techniques and emerging trends in the industry.

In 1987, the Board of Directors decided to expand the purely research role of the Society to cover issues of greater significance to the industry as a whole. To reflect this expanded focus, the name of the organization was changed to the Retail Marketing Society. It is incorporated under the Notfor-Profit Corporation Law of New York State.

About Fung Global Retail & Technology
The Fung Global Retail & Technology research team, based in New York, London and Hong Kong, is a think tank that follows emerging retail and tech trends, specializing in the ways retail and technology intersect, and building collaborative communities.

The team, led by Deborah Weinswig, former top Wall Street and retail tech analyst and startup advisor, publishes ongoing thematic and global market research on topics such as the Internet of Things, digital payments, omnichannel retail, luxury and fashion trends and disruptive technologies. More information can be found at


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