MAGIC-Spring/Summer 16 Themes

In arguably one of the hottest sessions at MAGIC, Melissa Moylan, Creative Director, Womenswear at Fashion Snoops shared insights into what will be the four major trend stories dictating Spring/Summer 2016 fashion. Interestingly, the social awareness that Millennials are known for expressing, is one of the driving forces within these themes. Fashion Snoops broke the themes down into four stories:  Alive, Global Commune, Seamless Innovation and Gen-U.

Alive—This theme is driven by nature, and patterns and colors show strong elements of earth, every day experiences, and an organic way of living out loud. In women’s designs, there are strong themes of nature intertwined with man-made elements, and nature-driven color palates of green tones, soldier blue, earthy browns and sunset gold. Patterns reflect tropical and Amazonian influences, driven by the cellular structure of plant life.

Global Commune—This theme is all about travel and culture. It is strongly influenced by a “hippie” look, with darker colors of copper and persimmon, dark teal and vintage indigo. We see the influences of both retro 70s styles, as well as Japanese inspiration.

Seamless Innovation—This is where technology meets the urban minimalist. There is a focus on utility in a modern way, with a slight “militaristic” bent. Think linens, perforated materials, nylons and silk for this theme’s materials. On the men’s side, it is decidedly more “gym sophisticated”, strongly influenced by both vintage active wear and newer extreme sports. These designs are more novelty versus function.

Gen-U—The youngest generation is motivated by social issues, with seven out of ten active in volunteer work. This theme reflects that strength and is bold, intense, and urban, influenced by a younger generation creating its own destiny. Shiny, iridescent, and bright colors strongly inspired by nightclub fashion, are prevalent.


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