MAGIC: Featuring NYC brand WELL KEPT, for the Modern Woman

A theme we observed sprinkled throughout the MAGIC showcase was a growing awareness of an ever-busier end consumer, for whom less is more. As work lives become more integrated and overlap into social lives, there is a need for simplifying, starting with one’s wardrobe. New York City brand Well Kept creates solely for the working woman, and manufactures 100% within the US.

The company’s approach to design is to elevate the idea of basics, and take their female consumer from day to night. For the working woman who might start her day at the office, followed by a business dinner and then social events, minimal is key. Well Kept has taken that idea and built out a sleek line of basic styles with innovative functions such as removable sleeves, double way zippers, and stretch leather. Their swimwear line, which has been featured in Self Magazine, has SPF 50 integrated into the material, and each piece doubles as a body suit, appropriate for pairing with anything from linen slacks for an outside lunch, to a tailored office skirt suit.


Owner and designer Brianna Derose works closely with a NYC manufacturer, spending 4-5 days each week at the factory. To satisfy her vision of creating pieces that feel as comfortable as athletic wear but can be worn anywhere, she finds that manufacturing in her own neighborhood cuts down on cost and turnaround time. As the brand is designed around the idea of layering, working closely with the manufacturer allows her to understand immediately what works and what doesn’t, making quick adjustments when needed. It also allows her and her team to streamline the process from design to store, choose the right fabrics to push innovation, and maintain quality control.

Well Kept caters to small boutiques whose average customer—regardless of age—is fit, tech-minded and professional.