Future of Retail Tech Startup Park at Fung Retailing Group Annual Conference

This week, Fung Business Intelligence Center (FBIC) is bringing fourteen innovative retail tech startups to Fung Retailing Group’s “Future of Retail Park” in Hong Kong. With changes in technology quickly affecting the digital landscape—and influencing consumer behavior at a fundamental level—it is crucial for retailers to understand the tech resources at their disposal.

These are the fourteen startups featured during this week’s conference:

actiMirror: A smart mirror technology showcasing the power of data analytics and targeted media content in the retail industry.

AdvanPro: A high-tech company and leading supplier of soft smart sensing technologies, including fabric sensors for wearables. The sensors can shape is flexible and they are washable. They can detect data, including pressure and strain.

Bindo: A retail technology company whose core product is an intuitive cloud-based iPad point-of-sale (POS) system that integrates brick-and-mortar stores with their online sales channels and ecommerce presence.

Brand Pit: A market research tool that combines the power of image recognition and social media analytics to help brands discover all about their end consumers.

Holumino: A technology company specializing in interactive installation for retail display, interior design, architecture and entertainment exhibition. Its patented “Interactive Perspective” offers a glasses-free 3D experience.

Launchpilots: A marketing platform for university campuses that helps brands activate their campus customers by sponsoring influential student leaders and societies.

Nimbus Insight: A market research agency providing both qualitative and quantitative research services. One of their products is OneOpinionBox, a mobile friendly tool that obtains feedback and offers targeted discounts.

Omnistream: A predictive engine that personalizes the customer experiences across channels.

Sprooki: Their award winning system empowers malls and retailers to engage connected shoppers when and where they are most likely to respond.

ParkLU: A digital platform pioneering how brands collaborate with China’s fashion and lifestyle influencers, helping them create meaningful social media content.

RetailNext: The worldwide market leader in retail analytics for physical retail. Its technology delivers comprehensive, real-time analytics that empowers retailers, shopping centers, and manufacturers.

TRIVVER: A cookie-less technology that defines and measures user engagement of digital content. The average online user connects with three or more devices daily and uses multiple browsers to access digital content.

YFY: An industry leader in electronic smart labeling, combining RFID inlay and epaper technologies.

The Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP): Dedicated to building a vibrant innovation and technology ecosystem to deliver social and economic benefits to Hong Kong & the region.

Vinces Co.: A software-as-a-service (SaaS) digital agency that syndicates advertisements from two to three brands to advertise on a single digital banner.

Cenique: Develops more cost-effective, lower power solid-state digital sign appliances by leveraging the Android platform and incorporating a presence detection technology.

App Mocha: Online to offline (O2O) marketing. Provides web development, design and backend systems for click and collect.