Holiday Toy Price Tracker

These prices are updated every Thursday (EST) from now through Jan. 1st, 2016. To view current price of a specific toy, click on the listed price in the table. It will bring you to the toy at the retailer’s website.
  Toy R
1Bright Beats Smart Touch Playspace$52.99price up$49.97*$49.99*$56.47*price up$49.97$49.97
2Fisher Price Bright Beats Dance & Move Beatbo$39.99*price up$44.99*$34.99*$42.99*$32.99*$47.99price up
3Imaginext Ultra T-rex$79.99*$78.99*$79.99*$109.99*price up$78.99*
4Star Wars Bladebuildrs Jedi Master Lightsaber$49.99$89.74price up$49.99$49.67*$49.67*
5Furreal Friends Starlily, My Magical Unicorn$95.99*$122.96price down$95.99*$79.99*price down$95.99price down
6Disney Frozen Sing-a-long Elsa Doll$31.99$43.03price down$29.99*$38.73price down$29.88
7Hulk Smash RC Vehicle by Jakks Pacific$49.99$49.82*$48.99price up$49.99$59price up$48.99*price down
8Paw Patrol - Paw Patroller$48.99*$48.72*$48.99*$54.99*$48.99price up
9LEGO Star Wars 75097 Advent Calendar Developmental Building Kit$42.99*$64.7*$39.99*$39.99$39.91*
10Playskool Sesame Street Play All Day Elmo$39.99price down$45.98price up$34.3price down$52.94price up$45.98price up$42.99*
11Barbie Saddle N' Ride Horse$35.99price down$38.61price down$38.99*$54.99price up$38.61price down$35.99*price down
12Fisher-Price Little People Big Animal Zoo$39.99price up$17.98price down$39.99price up$37.65price up$17.98price down$29.99*price down
13N-Strike Mega Series RotoFury Blaster$24.99$17*price down$24.99$29.99price down$24.99$17*price down
14LEGO Marvel Superheroes 76031 The Hulk Buster Smash Figures Set$29.99$25.99price down$29.99$29.99price up$29.84
15Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage$99.99*price up$88*$84.99*$94.12$88*$109.98*price up
16Playmation Marvel Avengers Starter Pack Repulsor$119.99price up$70.71price up$99.99$79.99$49.99price down
17Meccano MeccaNoid G15$149.99$218.22price up$149.99price up$149.99$159price up$179.99*price up
18Mattel Barbie Dream House$169.99$167$167price down$224.99price up$167$169.99price up
19Candy Craft Chocolate Pen$29.99price up$24.99price up$29.99price up$24.93$24.93*
20Pie Face Game$14.99*$14.88*$14.99$19.98$14.88*
Last updated on Dec. 3, 2015. These prices are presented for informational purposes only.
* Currently out of stock.