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  • Mass Market Retailers

    Bonobos serves a young and loyal base of male shoppers that is less price-sensitive and focused on quality, according to retail analyst Deborah Weinswig, managing director at Fung Global Retail and Technology. Bonobos sells men’s suits, dress shirts, outerwear, golf wear and accessories, mostly online but also through about three dozen brick-and-mortar locations. Continue Reading

  • CSA

    Deborah Weinswig, managing director at Fung Global Retail & Technology: “In terms of what will Amazon do with Whole Foods, we think Whole Foods' premium positioning puts a natural cap on how much Amazon can grow it in the U.S. market , where it is already the eighth largest grocery retailer. So we could well see Amazon focus on growing the chain internationally. For example, Whole Foods has only a handful of stores in the UK, so this could be one country where Amazon chooses to grow the chain. Continue Reading

  • Just Style

    This top-down state of affairs has been unsettled both by new technologies and new business models and trade relationships. "Change is obviously hard but change is necessary," said Shoshana Pollack, senior research assosciate at Fung Global Retail & Technology. "Consumer behaviour has changed and Amazon has changed everybody's expectations." Continue Reading

  • Inside Retail HK

    Warehouse club store sales are tipped to reach a record US$191 billion this year, according to a new report by Fung Global Retail & Technology. Continue Reading

  • Retail Gazette

    Fung Global Retail & Technology lead UK analyst John Mercer said the merger could be the starting gun for this process. Continue Reading