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  • CNBC

    Their expansion should continue to fuel off-price apparel sales, which grew 39 percent between 2011 and 2016, according to Fung Global Retail & Technology. Continue Reading

  • Retail Info Systems News

    4. Deborah Weinswig. Weinswig is the managing director of the Fung Global Retail & Technology. She heads the global intelligent unit leading the research and ideation across the retail landscape. She travels the world to meet with high level executives and is a frequent speaker are numerous industry events. Continue Reading

  • Forbes

    Consumer confidence continues to decline from December’s peak but February’s reading represents a 19% surge over last year. Deborah Weinswig, Managing Director of Fung Global Retail & Technology, weighs in on the evolving state of the US consumer in 2017. Continue Reading

  • Retail Info Systems News

    Deborah Weinswig, managing director, Fung Global Retail & Technology believes the U.S. is oversaturated with shopping malls, with the top performers attracting increasing numbers of shoppers while the weaker sites continue to struggle. “Just 20% of malls categorized as Class A based on productivity, generate 72% of all mall sales,” writes Weinswig. “The current total of 1,221 malls in the U.S. according to the International Council of Shopping Centers simply is too many.” Continue Reading

  • Retail Gazette

    John Mercer, retail analyst at Fung Global added: “Such a move would likely boost consumers’ consideration of Amazon as a fashion retailer.” Continue Reading